Friends of Angaza Nuru partners with the families of Bodoi, Kenya, to promote education, address food insecurity, and build relationships while illuminating the path with Christian love.

“Angaza Nuru” means “illuminate”

“Angaza Nuru” is Kiswahili for “Illuminate.” In Matthew 4:16 we read: “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light. And for those who lived in the land where death casts its shadow, a light has shined.” [New Living Translation] Angaza Nuru’s mission is to work hand-in-hand to create oneness with our brothers and sisters in Kenya while illuminating the path with Christian love as we strive to fight hunger, alleviate poverty and promote education. The ministry operates with a three-pronged strategy: to feed children, to educate children, and to build relationships with the families of Bodoi.

In the beginning

Years earlier, Rev. Richard Oyaro, planted a church in Lower Bodoi. The Bodoi Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) not only serves as a place of worship, but also as the hub of the village. Judy Achieng along with her brother Joseph Oyaro began a Saturday feeding program in July 2011 and then expanded to a Nursery School that met in the church.

Feeding children

Since 2012, Priest Lake Presbyterian Church (PLPC) has fully funded the weekly feeding program that feeds approximately 180 children in Lower Bodoi. The feeding program has now expanded to include 450 children weekly and includes Bible study, group activities, an agricultural club, and sports teams!

Educating children

Also since 2012, members and friends of PLPC have provided more than 1,000 scholarships for students attending Angaza Nuru School, as well as area primary and secondary schools.

Building relationships

In 2014, a mission team from PLPC traveled to Kenya. The group took school supplies, library books, shoes, and t-shirts, but, more importantly, they met the Angaza Nuru Kenya partners and formed friendships with their Kenyan brothers and sisters. A second group returned in January 2018.

A New Chapter

In 2022, the leadership team decided to form a new 501(c)3 organization called Friends of Angaza Nuru, Inc. Our organization was chartered in September of 2022, and our new structure will enable us to expand our ministry to other churches and expand beyond Nashville. Meet our Board of Directors here.

Meet Angaza Nuru’s Director

Angaza Nuru is blessed to have Joseph Oyaro as its director, running the program and serving the families of Bodoi. By being in Bodoi daily, Joseph ensures that all programmatic initiatives run smoothly, as well as managing challenges as they arise. We are grateful for Joseph’s dedication to Angaza Nuru and the families of Bodoi.

Joseph Oyaro, Angaza Nuru director, is in Bodoi daily to ensure Angaza Nuru programs run smoothly.