Every Saturday, approximately 400 children gather at Bodoi Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK). Children singing and dancing while praising God can be heard while walking into the church. After a children sermon taught by amazing volunteers within the village, the children form a line to receive a nutritious meal.

What happens behind the scenes on Saturdays is the real miracle. People from the village step up to the plate and donate their time to ensure the feeding program happens every week. Our on-site director organizes the feeding program with volunteers to prepare food, teach children sermons, coordinate the clean up committee, and organize team activities.  Hours before the children gather at the church on Saturdays, mothers from the village start preparing beans, greens and rice for the Saturday meal. While the children arrive to the church, they are greeted with smiling, God-loving adults who want the best for them. After a bible lesson, singing songs, and proudly reciting bible verses from memory, the children are dismissed and line up to eat lunch.

Since 2012 Priest Lake Presbyterian Church (PLPC) has funded the Saturday feeding program. That is more than 60,000 meals provided to the children in Angaza Nuru. Every Christmas a generous donor donates meat for the feeding program and invites the parents of the Angaza Nuru children to lunch. In 2019, over 300 people from the village were in attendance.  

If interested in becoming a partner with the feeding program, please email Outreach@AngazaNuru.com