There is no country in the world that has gone untouched by COVID-19. In the coastal village of Bodoi, Kenya, the coronavirus almost devasted a community that has struggled with hunger, education and poverty for decades.

In 2012, Angaza Nuru began feeding and educating children in Bodoi, a ministry that now touches the lives of hundreds of children in 125 multi-generational families. When schools and the Saturday feeding program was closed from March 2020 through May 2022, our Bodoi friends suffered. Months without proper nutrition has resulted in our vibrant healthy children having skin rashes and sores. They’ve lost weight, their skin is dull.

Angaza Nuru committed to helping our friends by distributing food staples monthly throughout the pandemic, an endeavor that continued through June 2022. Though monthly food distributions have ended, our families continue to struggle as the economy has been slow to recover and the third year of a drought has impacted the crops. Whenever possible, we are supplementing the families’ groceries with necessities, such as cooking oil, corn meal and beans.

Will you please consider helping in this endeavor?

Any amount helps and all amounts are appreciated.

Checks payable to Priest Lake Presbyterian Church may be mailed to 2787 Smith Springs Road, Nashville, TN 37217 Please note: “Project Feed Bodoi” on check.

Online payments available through Choose Priest Lake Presbyterian Church, select Angaza Nuru, note “Project Feed Bodoi” in payment.

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Thank you for your life-giving gift.

Some things to know:

  • Before Covid-19, people in the village of Bodoi were living day by day. Working at the local market in the day to earn a few shillings that would be used to purchase food for that night. This cycle continued daily. With social distancing, jobs shutting down and people quarantined to their homes, these people, who are already living day by day, are now having to exist with even less.
  • Since March 2020, our weekly Saturday feeding program has paused to enforce social distancing. For these approximately 200 children, this likely was their only meal on Saturdays. Also, schools are closed, which means the children attending the Angaza Nuru School do not receive two hot meals per day. Beginning In June 2020, Angaza Nuru provided monthly emergency food distributions. Each month, Angaza Nuru distributed a month’s supply of staple food, such as corn flour, beans, salt, dried fish and cooking oil for the families to prepare at their homesteads. The 134 families who participate in Angaza Nuru programs receive the food packets, an initiative that continued through June 2022.
  • Angaza Nuru has made a commitment to continuing supplementing our families’ groceries whenever funds are available. The 134 families who are part of Angaza Nuru include children, parents, young adult siblings and grandparents living in the village.
A neighbor helps a young mother balance her food packet so she can walk home.
  • Kenya is currently going through another crisis during this pandemic, locust infestation.  With billions of locusts swarming the area, many crops in Kenya are being eaten and destroyed by the locusts. Global experts are predicting famine-like conditions created by the locust infestation, making our need to assist the families doubly important.
The youth of Bodoi is counting on Angaza Nuru to help during this challenging time.
Will you please help us?