The Friends of Angaza Nuru Board works hand-in-hand with village leaders, as well as a Kenya-based leadership council. We listen to the concerns of our Kenyan partners and work together to provide solutions. Angaza Nuru leaders have developed a multi-year plan, which includes furnishing the Angaza Nuru School, making healthcare more accessible, expanding the feeding program, and offering additional tuition scholarships so all children can have an education.

As often as possible, U.S. Board members and partners travel to Bodoi on a trip we call Journey to Kenya. While on this mission trip, we focus on enriching our relationships with the Angaza Nuru Kenyan leadership team, assist with the Saturday feeding program, visit the Angaza Nuru School, and spend time with the children and their families. On past Journeys to Kenya, we have visited homesteads in the village, sponsored a health clinic for everyone in the area and met and prayed with the Angaza Nuru families.

The next Journey to Kenya is planned for June 2023. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at